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This website is dedicated in supporting the Florida Division of Emergency Management during a State EOC activation.

Membership is required to access additional information such as:

  • Live list of all Florida aeromedical ambulances including their current status*;
  • State information pertinent to operations in disaster areas;
  • FEMA/DHS/SERT/etc. information for program managers;
  • Guidelines for air and ground assets:
    • - NOTAMS, TFR's, etc.;
    • - Fuel locations.
  • Other pertinent information to ensure patient and crew safety;
  • Shared resources by the member community;
  • Shared training calendar.
*We are working on adding ALL critical care ground ambulances to our list*


Levels of State EOC Activation

Level 1 - Full scale activation of the State Emerency Response Team
Level 2 - Activation of the State Emergency Response Team
Level 3 - Monitoring Activation

Request Access

If you are a Program Manager, Director, COO or other Supervisory Authority of a fixed wing, rotor wing or ground critical care ambulance that operates in the State of Florida, please complete the form on the Request Access page.